Year Long Childbirth Education

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Pam's Blog Entry:


Because, labor & birth is an intense emotional and physical process that can last hours; and yet modern women are expected to go into that process with a minimum of education & preparation. Most childbirth classes are 6 or 7 sessions of 2-2.5 hours each- less than 20 hours of focused time.

Imagine if someone was training for a marathon, one that would put body and mind through the wringer; and that person waited until a few months before the race to start their training, and then limited that training to a couple hours a week. Would they be ready, in any way? Would they know what to do with the expected and the unexpected? What about after care? What about having their access to support and hydration limited? What happens if...?

Whole Pregnancy- First Trimester

  • Birth in our Culture
  • Comparison Shopping-Who & Where
  • Nutrition & Healthy Habits
  • Avoiding Information Overload
  • Building a Foundation for Labor Coping Practices

Whole Pregnancy- Second Trimester

  • Prenatal Tests & Exams
  • Excercise & Activity
  • Caring for Yourself, Caring for Each Other
  • Parenting Comes With Baggage
  • Baby Stuff- What do you really need?
  • Labor Coping, From Practice to Habit

Whole Pregnancy- Third Trimester

  • Labor 101
  • Babyproofing Yourselves
  • Getting Information & Making Decisions
  • Birthing in Awareness
  • Labor Coping-Labor is Hard Work
  • Bringing Baby Home

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