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The WHITE RABBIT'S HOUSE contains the interfaces for the GAME STORE, the TRADING POST, the CHESS ROOM, the CARD ROOM and the TROPHY HALL (achievements).


This is where players can access the GAME STORE, in order to purchase items to enhance their gameplay.


Where players will access the TRADING POST to trade, buy and sell with other players.


Unlocked when the player has grown 8 pawns of one colour. Standard turn by turn multiplayer chess room, rewards for games played & won. Work out some rules for some fun AiW themed games. Also gives access to inventory of chess pieces. Solo play/Play the computer needs to be an option for both Chess and Cards.

Obtaining CHESS pieces

Chess Inventory

  • Rows of all Pieces
  • PLACE button- goes to GARDEN to place on chess board, auto swaps existing piece.
  • TRADE button- goes to TP
  • MULCH button- adds piece to MULCH PILE


When a player has 10 cards they have produced themselves (ie, not purchased from the Trading Post), they will unlock the CARD ROOM area. This will be a multiplayer area where people can play turn by turn card games of various Wonderland types. There will be rewards and achievements for finishing a game, and others for winning a game. Gives access to Card Inventory

Obtaining CARDS

Card Inventory

  • Rows of all Cards
  • MULCH button
  • TP Button


shiF oG

  • Plays like Go Fish, only backwards- collect as few card pairs as possible by the end of the deck.
    • Players are dealt 5 cards.
    • Player 1 chooses a card from their hand- it is displayed
    • If player 2 has a card of the same value, it is displayed, and both cards are credited to Player 2, who now has a score of 1
    • If Player 2 does not have a card of the same value, Player 1 draws a card, and play moves to Player 2.
    • Lather rinse repeat until the deck is gone. Player with the lowest point value wins.
    • Jokers are wild, and count as whatever card is played (ie, player 1 shows a 7, player two has a joker, that counts as a 7, and player 2 gets the point.)

Hide & Tweedle

  • Two person game of matched pairs
    • All cards are displayed in a grid.
    • Each player turns over 2 cards- if a COLOUR and VALUE matched pair, they take that pair, and earn points equal to the total value of both cards.
    • Play ends when either player turns over both Jokers (the Tweedles!)
    • High score wins.


  • Players try to guess the card their opponent is playing.
  • Each player draws one card from their deck- which is played "face down" (Not showing to opponent).
  • Each player then chooses a card value (1-13) that they think their opponent's card is.
  • Cards & guesses are revealed simultaneously- whoever guess is closest to the card, gets the difference in points.
  • Play continues until someone reaches 52, low score wins.


This is where players can view their ACHIEVEMENTS

Future Functionality


A leaderboard, player scores, places to look for open games or start games, parental filtering available.

Alice's Garden 2.0