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Buying Things From Other Players

Players will use HEARTS and Items to trade with other players. No real money should change hands.

Each player will start with one open TP slot. They can put any tradeable item (Seeds, Cards, Chess Pieces) from their inventory into that slot, and mark it TRADE, SELL or BOTH. If the item is marked SELL, player will also set a sale price.


A player finding an item they want to buy will add it to their shopping cart, and purchace it with hearts. If they do not have enough hearts, the system will prompt them to purchace more from the Game Store. The Buyers hearts will be deducted from their total, the item delivered to their inventory, and the Seller will receive the sale price less X% which goes back to Us.


If a player sees an item for trade that they want, they click on the TRADE button- a window pops up where the player can drag the item from their inventory that they want to offer for trade. The seller then has 24 hours to accept the trade or not. If the trade goes through the items are delivered to people's inventory

More Spaces

More space in the TP can be purchaced from the Game Store, and will involve a verification process.



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