Stone Keepers

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  • Keepers find Myst-like location near their hometown to hide the stone (similar to how geocaches are hidden). Location should be publicly accessable, but out of the way enough that the stone can't just be stumbled across. They need to be only findable by people with the correct information
  • Keepers send me GPS coordinates of the hiding place, plus pictures, area detail, any history, etc.
  • I send the stones to the keepers to hide in the spot they found, making them look as naturally placed as possible. Stones will be about the size of a grapefruit, and have a container inside that holds the token.
  • Keepers check on stones regularly to make sure they are still hidden & report any status changes to me- if the stone is moved, missing, if the token has been removed, if the site has changed or is inaccessable, etc.

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