Seed & Fertilizer Basics

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SEEDS are the basic building block. SEEDS need FERTILIZER to grow. The type of FERTILIZER you give a seed tells it what to grow.

All seeds start out as one of the core flower types and colours (based on origin- see SEED PROBABILITIES). To grow into that flower or another type of plant, the seed needs GERMINATED. A seed will show its basic flower right away, (by hovertext and description) or its other type once germinated.

FERTILIZER makes the SEEDS ready to grow by GERMINATING them.

ALICE TEARS is the starter fertilizer, available in 5, 15, 25 & 50 use bottles. It germinates any seed/bulb into its basic type, and is also used to revive wilted flowers and plants.

Other fertilizers are obtained by trading in CARD hands:

CATERPILLAR SMOKE changes a seed from a flower to a MUSHROOM seed.

MOCK TURTLE SOUP changes the seed into a random PLANT seed

EAT ME CAKE Seed grows a giant version of the basic flower

DRINK ME BOTTLE Seed grows a tiny version of the basic flower

CARROT JUICE changes the seed into the I'M LATE seed

These Fertilizers will only work on CHESS BULBS:

JAM TOMORROW changes any BULB into the WHITE QUEEN'S BULB, which grows a QUEEN'S CROWN, used to change a pawn into a queen.

These two come from trading in chess pieces:

WHITE KNIGHT'S PUDDING BULB becomes a black or white deluxe piece.

UNICORN'S PLUM CAKE BULB becomes Silver or Gold royal piece.

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