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Not Your Usual Daisy

Using FERTILIZERS on a Seed can change the type of plant that a seed will grow. These plants all eat HEARTS at the same rate as FLOWERS do, but they do not produce hearts. Instead they impact the flowers around them.


Grown from a seed fertilized with Caterpillar Smoke. When planted in a garden square it causes the flowers DIAGONALLY ADJACENT from it to have a chance to produce a CHESS BULB in addition to the flower's usual production. This effect is cumulative with diminishing return based on how many Mushrooms are impacting a square- each square of the Garden could have a maximum of 4 mushrooms affecting it:

  • 1 Mushroom- 5% chance every 25 hours
  • 2 Mushrooms- 10% chance every 53 hours
  • 3 Mushrooms- 20% 82 hours
  • 4 Mushrooms- 30% 113 hours

Mushrooms mature and are removed from the Garden in 120 days.


Created by using Carrot Juice fertilizer on a seed; when planted it grows a pocket watch. This pocket watch, while in the garden, increases all plants HORIZONTALLY AND VERTICALLY ADJACENT to it chances of producing an Alice's Rose by 5% for the next 10 seeds dropped (ie, each time a flower drops a seed, the counter goes down by one.) There can only be 1 pocket watch in a Garden at a time.


There are some Plants that come from Mock Turtle Soup that do not impact the production of the flowers around them, may be a one-time use, or may be just decorative and fun. Players might not want to plant these in their Garden proper. For this we have PLANTERS that sit outside of the Garden land, and can hold one Plant at a time. Players start with one Planter for their 3x3 Garden, and they will earn one more each time their garden reaches a multiple of 3 (6x6, 9x9, etc). They can also be purchased from the Game Store, but they can only be placed every other space around the Garden.


Grows a wooden sign that says "Don't Step on the Mome Raths". When clicked it causes Mome Raths to randomly run around the Garden for X seconds. For each MR you catch by clicking on, you get 2 hearts. Can only be done once every 24 hours, 5 times total.


Loaf of Bread plant that gives Bread-And-Butterflies flying around your garden. Bread and Butterfly bushes mature and are removed from the garden in 120 days.


Grows a card soldier with a paint can and brush. Allows you to cosmetically (not rarity) change the colour of any flower to Red once.

Alice's Garden 2.0