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Quod Est?

Myst Directions is a US-wide treasure hunt for 5 hidden rocks, each one containing a token which, when presented as proof of finding the stone, nets the finder a cool set of prizes. It was intended to be a celebration of MYST's 20th Anniversary, but that's unlikely to happen at this point. Still, it is worth keeping the idea around.

Finding the stones will involve solving a series of puzzles, following clues, and putting data together. Each stone can be claimed by only one person. We have a website that was graciously registered for us by Cyan (may or may not exist at this point)- meaning if someone does a Who Is, it'll be them that shows up. Sneaky, huh? Most of the puzzles and clues will be contained in that website, although there will be a solid amount of research and real-world knowledge needed to find the stones.

There will be a placeholder image on the webpage (that in itself will contain some juicy bits for D'ni fans...), followed by an imager message once the game goes live- finding the info in that imager message will lead to a relto book shelf that'll start the puzzles.

Plot & Gameplay

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