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Welcome to my Laboratory! AKA Rules for Visitors

This is Eleri's Seekrit Laboratory of Ideas and Projects in Various States of Completeness

I have ideas. I tend to have MANY ideas. More ideas than I have the skills, tools or spoons for. But I write them down here, and occasionally work on them- in the hopes that I either magically finish them, win the lottery and build a team for making my ideas happen, or someone comes along and goes "Holy carp, that's brilliant, lets do it!" (If that's you, please say something...)

You are welcome to wander through- I can't command you not to steal any of my ideas and go make a bazillion dollars without crediting me, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't.

I and my lab assistants are the only people who can edit pages, this keeps the botmesses down to a minimum. If you would like to participate on the discussion pages, you can contact me and I will make you an account.

We also have a private Seekrit Lab community on G+, if you'd like to be added there, please ask :)

Things I have Made/Worked on that are DONE

Current Thing I'm Actively Working On

(Besides ongoing Unwritten Stuff)

Real World Useful Ideas

Tarot/Oracle Decks

Games: Video, Board, Card, RPG, Etc...

Games In Various States of Doneness

In Concept Form


Fiction In the Wild

Fiction Ideas and Snippets


  • Walking the Labyrinth- This non-denominational esoteric kids group thing I made. Just cause. I might self publish it.

Archive/Old Stuff