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The MULCH PILE allows players to combine multiple objects into a different usable object. (If you are familiar with Guild Wars 2- it's the Mystic Forge)

When you click the MULCH button on an item in inventory, it will add it to one of the 5 slots of the Pile. When you go to the Pile, it will show you what's in the slots, and show a 'MULCH NOW' button- when clicked a 5 hour timer starts, because it takes time to mulch things. When finished, the item goes into the inventory in the Greenhouse.

Note: The Mulch Pile Knows...when there's enough items to mulch, but there's still slots open, it will auto-fill the slots with 1 heart each. The MULCH NOW button will only work if there's a valid mix.

Visually, the Mulch Pile should totally be an homage to Marjorie the Trash Heap. It's Marjorie's second cousin, or something.

Chess Piece Mulches

  • KNIGHT'S PUDDING: 3 Basic chess pieces of any single type, and two hearts
  • UNICORN'S PLUM CAKE: 4 Deluxe pieces of any single type, and one heart
  • QUEEN CHESS PIECE: 1 Queen's Crown, 1 pawn of any type, and three hearts

Card Hand Mulches

Easy to get:

  • EAT ME CAKE- 3 of a Kind, and two hearts
  • DRINK ME BOTTLE-2 Pair, and one heart

Not so easy:


Hard to get:

  • CARROT JUICE- Full House
  • JAM TOMORROW- Royal Flush-Hearts

Potential future functionality

  • Mystery mixes, to encourage experimentation with mulching.
  • Expandable mulching slots to allow for fancier mixes.

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