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Gotta Invite Them All

Needs to be TTTO G&S, something like Tom Lehers' Elements, only with Greek gods, demigods and heroes and such. Alternate between Hera and Zeus singing, When Zeus gets to "Eris", Hera interrupts him.

To The Prettiest

Sung primarily by Paris about how hard it is to choose between Goddesses, with the Goddesses arguing in the background in and offering him the classic rewards. Hermes should keep busting in from offstage, obviously flaming, to assert he is the prettiest and fabulous as well, song cuts off abruptly in the middle of a cacophony of conflicting voices.

It's no secret I'm good with the ladies
From the top of Mount Olympus to the lands of Hades
And I would have said that marriage wasn't my schtick
But it's getting harder to find a place that Zeus hasn't stuck his dick.


Tis An Ill Wind That Blows No Minds

(Option one- vaguely gospel like)

(Option two- TTTO Old Time Religion)

Should include stuff from the PD pages 15- 16, including the chimpanzee’s speech, and what Eris talks about, but a lot more fun than the flowy language she uses. There should be a catchy chorus that Mal and Omar and the GC can join in on. The frozen bowlers shouldn't move through the song, except to look confused at people dancing and singing around them.


This song points out manifestations of the Law of Fives: All things happen in Fives, or are divisible by or are multiples of Five, or are somehow directly or indirectly appropriate to Five. You know that song from the Music Man? P that rhymes with T that stands for pool? Yeah, like that.


Choose Your Own Eris

This should be about how completely random Discordian 'worship' is. I'm still digging for inspiration. Rob suggests TTTO Personal Jesus

Your own

Weird Shit on the Internet

I'm thinking this should sound like a classic Broadway ballad, sung just by the Students, about cat memes and gamergate and other strangeness that exists because of the internet. What's a good old folk ballad we can filk the fuck out of?


Chaos & Panic & Disorder, Oh My

TTTO: The Volga Boatmen. Angsty, depressing song about the horrible things in the world, like textspeak, and lack of free wifi on every corner and other blatantly first world problems.


Fuck if I know yet. If I win the lottery I'll try and licence the War Song from Sam & Max


Greyface Blues

This should be a short bluesy riff, spoken/sung only by GreyFace, about how horrible and disorganized everything is. GC standing around should either ignore him/her, or silently make faces/mock.

Raise Your Chao

Anthem song for all the weirdos. TTTO Pink's Raise Your Glass, if we could possibly get away with it. Otherwise a nice, rowdy Irish Drinking Song. Everyone should have a chao on a stick (except for one guy, who should have a cow.) It should start With Eris singing herself, and then everyone else joining in.



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