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Flowers 'live' and produce for 120 days (2880 hours), after which they are Mature


A seed is planted in a land square and fertilized. It takes 24 hours for the seed to Sprout. While it does not eat during this period, planting the seed produces 3 Hearts.

DAYS 1-4 (24-96 Hours):

SEEDLING- From seed planting to day 4(96 Hours), the plant will not produce, but will eat hearts. It appears as a bud.

DAYS 5-119 (97-2879 hours):

FLOWER- Flowers will continue to eat Hearts until food type is changed. Flowers will produce HEARTS, SEEDS, or CARDS based on the type of food set. It appears as its flower type

DAY 120(2880 hours):

MATURE FLOWER: Mature flowers retire at the end of their life cycle, and are moved to the FLOWER BOOK