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  • Seedlings produce 3 hearts right away- enough to feed the baby flower until it starts producing on its own, plus a bit of safety buffer
  • Eat 1 portion of food every 48 hours- a 28 day supply of flower food is 14 portions
  • Can go without 7 portions of food. When they miss their 8th portion, they wilt, and must be revived with Alice Tears; If a flower misses food, when it next pings the food bowl, it will eat to full.
IE, if a flower has missed 12 portions of food, the next time there is food available, it will eat the full 12 portions. If there are not 12 portions available, it will eat all that is there.
  • Mushrooms and Plants eat only Hearts, one portion every 72 hours. They wilt at the same point as flowers (8 missed portions), and need revived by Alice Tears to continue working.
  • The heart production rate of flowers means that, barring any extra demands, they self-produce hearts at a rate that is self-sustaining.


  • Is recorded server-side. When food is obtained, it is kept in the player's food pool, these numbers are viewable on the player's HUD
  • There is a short food-change penalty- when food is changed to Tea or Tarts, flowers wait 5 days before producing. There is NO cool-down for changing to hearts.

There are 3 food types:

HEARTS Flowers not fed other food produce HEARTS. When a plant produces a heart, a heart appears on the land, and is auto collected at regular intervals by the [[Watering Can | WATERING CAN].

TEA Feeding a flower TEA causes it to produce SEEDS, at a rate of 1 every 5 days. Tea is purchaced from the food store, and is loaded into the HUD

TARTS Feeding a flower TARTS causes it to produce CARDS, at a rate of 1 every 5 days. Tarts must be purchased from the store.

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