Flower Life Cycle

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Flowers 'live' and produce for 120 days (2880 hours), after which they are Mature

DAYS 1-4 (0-96 Hours):

SEEDLING- From seed planting to day 4(96 Hours), the plant will not produce, but will eat hearts.

DAYS 5-119 (97-2879 hours):

FLOWER- Flowers will continue to eat Hearts until food type is changed via menu. Flowers will produce HEARTS, SEEDS, or CARDS based on the type of food set.

DAY 120(2880 hours):

MATURE FLOWER: Mature flowers will have a TBD action, but no longer eat or produce.

  • Action Ideas
    • Animations
    • 'Recite' poetry from the books
    • Interact with nearby players


  • Hearts are produced at a rate of 1 heart every 36 hours
  • Seeds are produced at a rate of 1 every 5 days (120 Hours)
  • Cards are produced at a rate of 1 every 5 days (120 Hours)
  • Chess Bulbs are produced randomly based on presence of Mushrooms
  • Flowers are subject to a short production cool down period when food is changed (see Food Basics)

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