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Flowers are designed to look similar to the classic drawings of the Wonderland Flowers. When a flower is rezzed, it is given a standard Body, a randomely chosen Right arm/hand and Left arm/hand, and a blossom in the colour and type indicated by the seed.

Flower Body

Early design sketch: File:Flower1a.jpg

Goal: Stem and head as 1 prim sculpt, 1-2 prim leaf arm & hand. 4-6 different arm/hand designs to give impression of personality/mood


Early design sketch: File:Flower2.jpg

Goal: 1 prim sculpt of each flower type, 'hollow' in the middle to give the head room, will fit around the head like a collar.

Example: File:Sampleflower.jpg

Head in Flower concept inspired by the Petable turtles:

File:Daisyhead.png Their flowers were purchased from Arctic Greenhouse, but they did have to buy the full pack of each flower type individually, and they do not have all the types we need. They do have some, but at almost 4kL each, they include a whole lot of parts we don't need.

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