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All FLOWERS in a garden consume food: HEARTS, TEA or TARTS

  • Feeding HEARTS produces more HEARTS- enough to self sustain that flower, plus some extra for PLANTS (which only eat HEARTS, and do not wilt)
  • Feeding TEA produces SEEDS
  • Feeding TARTS produces CARDS, cards make HANDS which are mulched for special FERTILZER.

Feeding Hearts is automatic, they are produced and consumed without extra steps on the players part. However for a Flower to produce something other than Hearts, the appropriate food must be purchaced from the Game Store and fed to your plants. To feed a flower a different food, the player selects the food, then selects the flower, and confirms that they want to feed that flower the new food.


When changing a flower to a new food, there is a 12 hour cool down before the flower will start the new production cycle.


Flowers will continue to attempt to eat food, even if there is no food available. After they have attempted to eat 7 portions, they will WILT. Wilted flowers do not eat or produce, and must be revived with Alice's Tears to continue. NOTE: A Flower held in the Greenhouse will not age or eat, but it will wilt after 30 days.


When a flower is eating TEA, it will produce Seeds instead of Hearts. It eats TEA at a rate of 1 portion every 36 hours. Seeds are produced at a rate of 1 seed every 96 hours.


When a flower is eating TARTS, it will produce Cards instead of Hearts. It eats TARTS at a rate of 1 portion every 36 hours. Cards are produced at a rate of 1 seed every 96 hours.


Seeds and Cards, when produced, appear on the ground near the player's garden. They must be selected within 48 hours of their appearance, or they vanish and are lost.

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