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Chess Piece Bulbs

  • Are created by flowers under the influence of Mushrooms
  • Can be used to
    • collect for a self-playing chess set
    • play chess games with other players
    • traded in for fertilizers
  • Give red or white BASIC chess pieces
The probabilities are:
    • COLOUR
      • ALL have 50% chance red or white
    • TYPE
      • PAWN- 40%
      • ROOK- 25%
      • KNIGHT- 20%
      • BISHOP- 10%
      • KING- 5%
      • Queen pieces are only available via fertilizer.


  • Flower drops CHESS BULB w/ properties COLOUR & TYPE in Basic style
  • Fertilized w/ Alice Tears becomes default as stated
  • Fertilized with Knight's Pudding becomes Type as stated in Deluxe style. Colour Red becomes Black Marble, White becomes White Marble
  • Fertilized with Unicorn's Cake becomes Type as stated in Royal style. Red becomes Gold, White becomes Silver

Chess Pieces

  • Come in Basic, Deluxe & Royal

2 of any kind of BASIC CHESS PIECE can be TRADED at the main store for a single WHITE NIGHT'S PUDDING fertilizer, the fertilized bulb will grow a Black Marble or White Marble Deluxe piece (same stats as above)

3 of and kind of DELUXE can be traded in for one UNICORN'S PLUM CAKE fertilizer- BULB produces Silver or Gold Royal piece.

JAM TOMORROW, which will produce a queen bulb as per Fertilizers is obtained by turning in a card hand.

Any full set of PIECES (Basic, Deluxe or Royal) can be traded in for a SELF PLAYING CHESS SET of that type.

Chess Games

CHESS BOARD: Players can purchase a chess board that can be used to play chess with other SL players. This is NOT the same as the self-playing set.

Potential functionality

For owner of board: Rez board, rez Chess Piece. Click on Chess piece- piece asks "Load to Board"- Y/N

Pieces load into board, appear in their usual places.

Click on board- menu "Play Game" "Challenge Player" "Unload board" "exit" Play just lets the owner of the board move all the pieces themselves Unload board sends pieces back to owners (as objects)

Challenge Player brings up a list of nearby (2-4m) avvies, click on a name. "Allow challenger to load chess pieces" Y/N

HOW TO- let challenger load pieces? What if the board is full of the owner's pieces?

Play then continues like a regular chess game.

Possible to save a game, derez board, pull out later? How to deal with ownership of pieces? Board will need to distinguish between the colours red=black marble=gold; white=white marble=silver. But you should be able to mix up basic, deluxe, royal within a side.

Self-Playing Set

Players can trade in a full set of pieces for a board of the same style- that when rezzed plays through a simple game or two of chess.

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