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When a player produces their first CHESS BULB, it opens up the CHESS GARDEN from the man page. Bulbs are planted here just like in the main garden, however once the bulb grown into a chess piece, that piece will move into the nearest appropriate starting point for a chess game. If no space is available, the piece will go into inventory; if the player has not yet unlocked the Chess Room, the piece will remain there in inventory until unlocked. Once this garden has a full set of chess pieces (can be mixed colors), you'll be able to tell it to auto-play a game of chess, and a button will tell you about game progression, and let you pause, stop, or clear the game.


These come from Flowers influenced by Mushrooms. They must be picked up in 48 hours of appearance or are lost. They go into the SEED inventory. They are planted in the CHESS GARDEN, and watered with Alice's Tears; after going through the "Sprout" and "Seedling" stages like a flower, they will produce either a RED or WHITE Chess Piece, using the following probabilities:

    • COLOUR
      • ALL have 50% chance red or white
    • TYPE
      • PAWN- 40%
      • ROOK- 25%
      • KNIGHT- 20%
      • BISHOP- 10%
      • KING- 5%

Queen pieces are only available by planting a White Queen's Bulb, which grows into a Queen's Crown. That Crown is then mulched with a Pawn to make a queen of the same type/color.

Fertilizers & Bulbs

There are Chess-specific Fertilizers that change the output of the bulb:

  • Fertilized with Knight's Pudding becomes type as stated in Deluxe style. Colour Red becomes Black Marble, White becomes White Marble
  • Fertilized with Unicorn's Cake becomes type as stated in Royal style. Red becomes Gold, White becomes Silver
  • Fertilized with Tomorrow Jam becomes a White Queen's Bulb.

These Fertilizers are obtained by MULCHING.


Chess Room

When a player has grown a full set of PAWNS (8 of one colour) the CHESS ROOM in the WHITE RABBIT'S HOUSE is unlocked.

Alice's Garden 2.0