Alice's Garden 2.0

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What it is

An Alice in Wonderland themed computer game based around growing & collecting flowers, multiplayer chess & card games, and trade between players

Players have a chess-board themed plot of land that they plant flowers on. Those flowers produce different items based on what food they are being fed. Those items can be used to enhance their garden, or gain supplies for playing card & chess games. There is also a Trading Post where players can sell or swap certain items.

When players first purchase the game, they will be given:

  • A 3x3 grid Garden
  • 4 Starter Seeds
  • 10 Uses of Alice's Tears (the basic fertilizer)
  • 1 Slot in the Trading Post
  • 1 Planter for Special Plants
  • 100 Hearts (the basic currency)







Things that MAY NOT appear in this game:

  • Nagware. No having to ask your friends on FB to join, give you stuff, or anything else that actively blocks progress to the game. And communicating to others about your gameplay should be completely voluntary for the player *and* the people listening.
  • Progress only unlockable by spending real money. At the basic, people should be able to have nice flowers in their garden, and the flowers can feed themselves, without ever having to spend more than the initial purchace.
  • In game ads. BLEH.

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